Leadership role ideas for students: Birthday Buddies

The following is a guest post.  Student Leadership Role Ideas: Birthday Buddies How do you scaffold authentic opportunities for leadership in a school? How can you encourage students to be leaders and provide them with ways to find their voice? How can you create a system where students actively run important day-to-day activities throughout our read more

Student Leadership Guides’ Video Tutorial

So you want to learn more about Leader in Me? Well, you found the perfect place to start! Our Student Leadership Guides are essential leadership lessons that help students learn and apply the 7 Habits and other 21st-century skills. In this video tutorial with Judy Yauch, you will be introduced to the new and improved read more

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Creative Leadership to Boost Morale Enthusiasm As a Leader in Me School in the third year of implementation, we have our highs and lows, or ebbs and flows. Our mission statement, which we strive for each day, is “All belong, all learn, all lead to succeed.” Most days we have a positive learning culture, but read more

A Thankful Pumpkin Tradition for Families

The Thankful Pumpkin Tradition We started a family tradition last year that has quickly become an evening we all look forward to. We gather together as a family with a pumpkin and a permanent marker. Each person takes a turn listing one thing we are thankful for and then the next person contributes to the read more

The Impact of Leadership

We are seeing leadership demonstrated on a daily basis and we want to share some of our Coaches’ experiences with our online Community. The Leader in Me process is literally changing students’ and staff’s lives, and we know many of you are seeing similar results in your school. “A female student at one of my read more

Using Quality Tools to Teach Students Leadership

If you’re looking for ideas to increase student engagement and learning, you’re not alone. As educators, we are constantly adapting to the learning styles of our students and figuring out how to teach content in ways that help students internalize what they learn. In Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Harvard education professor read more

10 Ways to Teach Leadership Through Math and Science

How do we inspire a new generation of great mathematicians and scientists? One way is to create curiosity about how leadership fits into math and science. Leadership connections are abundant and easily recognized in reading and social-studies lessons. Using teachable moments to discuss characters in books and world leaders happens with little to no prompting. read more

Four Ideas for Improving Parent and Community Involvement in Schools

As an educator and a consultant, I’ve always recognized the power of involving families and community members in schools. It’s like multiplying your school’s resources tenfold through donations, volunteering, and partnerships. Here are some ideas I’ve seen schools use to increase parent involvement and community engagement: Local events and gatherings. Regardless of your location, communities around read more