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Creative Leadership to Boost Morale Enthusiasm As a Leader in Me School in the third year of implementation, we have our highs and lows, or ebbs and flows. Our mission statement, which we strive for each day, is “All belong, all learn, all lead to succeed.” Most days we have a positive learning culture, but read more

Avery’s Creek Leadership Lunch-Buddy Program With Hampton Inn

This is a guest post written by Denise Montgomery, principal of Avery’s Creek Elementary in Arden, North Carolina. Community and business partnerships are an extremely important part of The Leader in Me process at Avery’s Creek Elementary School. One partner has stepped up to create a program that has caught on internationally! When Denise Montgomery, read more

Why Rethink Leadership?

  Muriel Summers, the principal of A.B. Combs Elementary, said, “We only get one chance to prepare children for a world none of us can possibly predict. What are we going to do with that one chance?” Educators must help students develop 21st-century skills that will enhance learning today and impact their future tomorrow—but how?   read more

Action-Team Ideas for The Leader in Me

The Leader in Me process has many facets, but one area that truly lets students shine is our action-team process.   “Over the last year, I have witnessed leadership demonstrated at high levels when principals have utilized our action-team process. In other words, school leaders are mastering the art of delegation with a great tool read more

The Leader in Me Through the Eyes of a Fourth-Grade Teacher

This is a guest post written by Jamie Chenault, Fourth-Grade Teacher at Lakewood Elementary In Cecilia, Kentucky. You go throughout life making decisions and learning right from wrong, but what effects these decisions? Maybe you have a gut feeling or you take into consideration advice from a trusted mentor. How often do you rely on read more

Professional Development: Tips for Effective Book Studies

Book studies are a very popular means of professional development and usually include a formal set of review questions or topics for discussion. Sometimes the thought of doing a formal book study with your staff can seem like an extra task, but you still want to reap the benefits of the discussion, learning, and collaboration read more

Cobras in the Community—Sharpen the Saw

This is a guest post written by Amy Rhyne, principal of East Iredell Elementary, Statesville, North Carolina. Far too often as educators, we get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of teaching, testing, and analyzing data. It feels like we will never catch up on the endless amounts of paperwork, meetings, and planning. We read more

“No-ing” Your Limits as a New Teacher

In the ever-evolving world of education, endless paperwork and documentation becomes compounded as expectations arise.  High expectations for student achievement, school culture, professional development, community outreach, college preparation, and more, often require teachers to wear many hats in addition to their responsibility of teaching the required curriculum. When approached by an administrator to fulfill a read more