Unexpected Leadership: Two Sisters Find Hope

This is the story of two sisters struck with the unexpected loss of their father just two days before the end of the school year. One year later, almost to the day, they were faced with another tragic loss—this time it was their mother. The sisters were taken under the wing of their mother’s sister, read more

I.S. 136 Charles O. Dewey Middle Schooll
I.S. Charles O. Dewey Middle School: Leadership Lessons for Life

The leadership principles taught through The Leader in Me and the 7 Habits are much more than a collection of catchy phrases for students to memorize. When internalized, these principles and the leadership skills developed through practicing them help students in all areas of life. At I.S. 136 Charles O. Dewey Middle School in Brooklyn, read more

Whole-School Transformation

Skyline Elementary is not the same school it was four years ago. The building is the same, but the school culture has been transformed to one of empowerment and leadership. Principal Chuck Vilardi said that the transformation of his school, students, and staff has come as they have implemented The Leader in Me process. “It’s read more

Changed by Leadership

Karen Soper, principal of Manti Elementary in Utah, recounts trying to figure out how to best help a fifth grader who was transferred to her school. This was no ordinary fifth grader. When David* arrived at his new school, he had lost a year of school for a violation that led to a year’s suspension. read more

Leadership in Four Languages

When you walk through the halls of Riverview Elementary in Lakeside, California, you’ll hear students and teachers speaking in Mandarin, Spanish, and English. Riverview has a language-immersion program where students are not only learning three languages, but they are learning in three languages. Principal Olympia Kyriakidis said they also teach a fourth language—the language of read more

School Spotlight: Downey Elementary—A Place for Parents Too

At Downey Elementary in Harrisburg, PA, students aren’t the only focus. Parents are too, and they know it. Principal Travis Peck said that since Downey Elementary began The Leader in Me process in 2013, the paradigm of leadership has spread through the school and the community and has positively impacted the parents. “We’re all about promoting the parents and read more

Clareese Capringo—A Problem-Solving Leader

Clareese Capringo is a hockey-playing, service-oriented seventh grader at Lowell Community Charter Public School (LCCPS). Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, LCCPS is in its third year as a Leader in Me School. Because of the principles and skills Clareese learned through The Leader in Me, she decided to be a leader and solve a problem she identified read more

Student Spotlight: A Leader Unleashed

Henry is a leader. He is one of the first students to greet visitors at Winchester Elementary, a Leader in Me School in West Seneca, New York. “Hi, I’m Henry. I’m a leader in the school. Do you need help?” Henry is also a leader outside of school. He puts first things first at home, read more