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We asked education thought leaders one question: “What do you stand for in education?” Here are their answers.

pedro“I stand for equity and opportunity in education. I stand for ensuring that children receive an education that helps them achieve their potential. I believe that each child deserves an education that stimulates and challenges, that grounds them with an unambiguous moral and ethical foundation, and that cultivates a love of lifelong learning. I stand for using education as a tool to break the cycle of poverty, to expand opportunity, to counter ignorance and bigotry, and to develop talents in each child that may have once been latent and undetected. I stand for using education to pursue justice and human liberation in all aspects and all corners of the earth.” —Pedro Noguera , Distinguished Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences, UCLA




drew“I stand for telling students that they should work incredibly hard to make their grades extraordinary. Then they should work twice as hard to make sure that their grades are the least impressive thing about them. Do that, and success will follow them all the days of their lives.” —Drew Dudley , Motivational Leadership Speaker









mark“I believe in schools where leaders create a culture of connections—a culture where collaboration is welcome and educators are connected to the mission. I believe in schools where curriculum is tied to careers driving the desire to learn. I stand for schools where every student is connected to a culture of excellence in academics, athletics, activities, and the arts, and where students can experience a rich culture of traditions, celebrations, and meaningful moments. Students thrive and excel in a school culture where they feel truly connected.” —Mark Scharenbroich ,  Award-Winning Keynote Speaker






candace“I stand for excellence in our public schools. All of the children we serve have the right to learn and grow in an environment that recognizes their unique gifts and provides them with the inspiration and instructional support to achieve at the highest levels. I also stand for the adults who work with our students every day. School leaders, teachers, and support staff can accomplish the important goal of reaching every child when they work in an environment grounded in high expectations and high support and are given the tools they need to do their jobs well. I am proud to work in a school district that stands for students and the adults who work with them!” —Dr. Candace Singh, Superintendent, Fallbrook Union Elementary School District




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