Educational Insights
Our International Student Speech Contest Ends Soon!

Our second annual Leader in Me International Student Speech Contest will be accepting entries for exactly two weeks and two more days. Students K–12 attending a Leader in Me School have until March 31, 2017, to submit a two-minute video. A panel of judges will be limited to reviewing English-speaking videos in two categories: traditional and creative. read more

Aligning Academics Webcast Recording

Understand Aligning Academics Join Dana Penick and Stephanie Taylor for an overview of the Aligning Academics one-day workshop. This is a recording of their January 23, 2017, live 60-minute webcast. With Aligning Academics, educators can learn how to achieve personal, team (class), and student goals with the 4 Disciplines of Execution®. This webcast provides participants read more

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Creative Leadership to Boost Morale Enthusiasm As a Leader in Me School in the third year of implementation, we have our highs and lows, or ebbs and flows. Our mission statement, which we strive for each day, is “All belong, all learn, all lead to succeed.” Most days we have a positive learning culture, but read more

“Every Child Is a Leader” School Culture

Instead of seeing children through the lens of a normal distribution curve—some kids are naturally smart and others are not—The Leader in Me paradigm sees that every child is capable, every child is a leader. This paradigm changes everything. Over 3,000 Leader in Me Schools in 50 countries are embracing this paradigm and experiencing an read more

2017 International Student Speech Contest

The 2017 Leader in Me International Student Speech Contest is open for students K–12 attending a Leader in Me School. All students are encouraged to enter  the speech contest by submitting a two-minute video before March 31, 2017. Students (with help from their parents or school) can create a video of a traditional or a read more

Social-Emotional Learning with The Leader in Me

More Than Academics If you talk with anyone who has spent time in a classroom, and you asked that person if core academic subjects were the only things students learned in school, the resounding answer would be “NO.” So much more is taught at school than correct grammar and times tables. Students are learning life read more

The Seven Principles Most Associated With the 7 Habits

Researching Skills in The Leader in Me This is a guest post written by Dr. Chantel Ishola. Three years ago, when my son was in his first year of preschool, I received a note from his preschool teacher. It was on orange paper with black font. (I suppose this was due to the approaching Halloween read more

A Thankful Pumpkin Tradition for Families

The Thankful Pumpkin Tradition We started a family tradition last year that has quickly become an evening we all look forward to. We gather together as a family with a pumpkin and a permanent marker. Each person takes a turn listing one thing we are thankful for and then the next person contributes to the read more