Shelly Hollis
Shelly has 20 years of educational experience including 10 years in the classroom as a high school science teacher. For the past 10 years, she directed the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) for the University of North Alabama. Shelly holds the following degrees/certifications:
  • BS in Biology
  • MAed in Chemistry
  • Administrative Certification
  • National Board Certification in Adolescent and Young Adulthood Science
While directing the AMSTI program, Shelly developed and delivered training of trainer modules, secured grant funds for the introduction of professional learning communities in AMSTI Schools, and coordinated summer institute training for hundreds of teachers. She also directed the activities of 15 staff members to provide materials and onsite support for math and science education. Shelly is a full time delivery consultant and coach for “The Leader in Me” process. From her personal experience, Shelly knows the importance of a healthy school culture for relationships and academics to thrive. She fully believes “The Leader in Me” process meets this great need. Shelly is married to Tim and has two amazing children (Hannah & Caleb) and one extremely handsome grandson. She makes her home in beautiful Florence, AL. She loves teaching and speaking at women’s events and maintains an active blog.

Written by Shelly Hollis:

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4 Ways to Create a “You Can” Environment

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10 Ways to Teach Leadership Through Math and Science

How do we inspire a new generation of great mathematicians and scientists? One way is to create curiosity about how leadership fits into math and science. Leadership connections are abundant and easily recognized in reading and social-studies lessons. Using teachable moments to discuss characters in books and world leaders happens with little to no prompting. read more