Kalli Sampson
Kalli’s vision is to strengthen individuals, families, schools, and communities through the transformational paradigms and effective practices in Leader in Me. Kalli strives to strengthen the connection between home and school cultures. Having the 7 Habits language and effective practices in home and school environments will create long-term, sustainable success for families and school communities. Kalli graduated from University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in communication. Kalli is grateful to be enjoying this journey called life with her husband and three children.  

Written by Kalli Sampson:

Empowering Paradigm Changes in the Family

We are all living our lives according to the way we see things—according to our own paradigms. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, writes, “If you want to make minor, incremental changes and improvements, work on practices, behavior, or attitude. But if you want to make significant, quantum improvement, read more

Inspiring Great Cultures at School and at Home

Great Cultures I am a parent of students who attend a Leader in Me School and I am sharing my personal experience of how the Leader in Me has impacted my life. The principal at my children’s elementary school, Riverside Elementary, invited me into his office just over three years ago. He handed me a book read more