Stand For Leadership: Everyone Can Be a Leader

What is the definition of a leader? The dictionary defines a leader as; the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.  But does that really tell us what a leader is?  What qualities and traits does one need to possess to be a leader? In our day and age, a leader needs read more

Student empowerment The Leader in Me
“Let it Go!” How a Popular Disney Song Applies to More Effective Teaching

If you know a five-year-old girl, chances are when Frozen came out, you had “Let It Go!” stuck in your head 24/7. Everywhere you turned, you could hear the chorus sung live or replayed in your head from a previous rendition. As I kept hearing the statement “Let It Go!” over and over, I realized that read more

Stand for Education

We asked education thought leaders one question: “What do you stand for in education?” Here are their answers. “I stand for equity and opportunity in education. I stand for ensuring that children receive an education that helps them achieve their potential. I believe that each child deserves an education that stimulates and challenges, that grounds read more

Working with Parents: Building Relationships for Student Success

I recently read Working With Parents: Building Relationships for Student Success by Ruby Payne. In the book, Ms. Payne states: “There is no correlation between the physical presence of parents at school and student achievement. The correlation is between student achievement and parental involvement. So getting parents to physically come to the school is not a read more

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Why Educating the Whole Child Matters

I recently visited my home country, Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. I met with the Minister of Education, Mrs. Leela Devi Dookun-Luchooman, who shared with me her vision for transforming education in the country. She spoke of her concerns about Mauritian children undergoing rigorous academics with little read more

    How Noncertified staff members impact a school's leadership culture
    How Noncertified Staff Members Impact a School’s Leadership Culture

    It was 7:30 a.m. sometime in October. Staff and students just began entering the building. Before I reached the front doors of the school, I peeked out my car window. An older gentleman dressed in navy stood at the curb opening car doors. He welcomed children with a smile and greeted each by name. The read more

    Four Empowering Questions for Student Goal Setting
    Involve Students in Goal Setting With These Four Empowering Questions

    Since student achievement is essential for success, why is the student often left out of the goal-setting process? If we expect children to hit a learning target, we must involve them in the process of creating a plan to achieve the goal and provide clear expectations. Richard DuFour, an educator for 34 years, author, and read more

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    10 Ways to Teach Leadership Through Math and Science

    How do we inspire a new generation of great mathematicians and scientists? One way is to create curiosity about how leadership fits into math and science. Leadership connections are abundant and easily recognized in reading and social-studies lessons. Using teachable moments to discuss characters in books and world leaders happens with little to no prompting. read more

    How to Lead Like a Giraffe

    For two hours, there was a look of serious contemplation on the face of my five-year-old son. The expression first appeared after we met a young blind woman and her seeing-eye dog at the store. We had exchanged personal introductions, and she explained the roles and relationship she and her dog shared. Since that encounter, read more

    4 ways to help students be leaders
    How to Unlock Student Leadership Potential

    Ask what the definition of leadership is, and you will get a lot of definitions. Ask what the qualities of a leader are, and you will hear answers such as: Trustworthy, responsible, respectful, and resilient. Great listener and communicator. Capable of finding solutions that work for everyone. Able to get along and work well with others. read more